Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seeing a Man About a Horse

Rancher Casey has been buying horses from the wild horse round-ups for years. He's never seen a stallion like Feder, though, and when the two of them meet up his well-ordered life goes right out the window.

Feder has always been able to transform from horse to man, but he's never really had the urge to spend any time as a human until now. He finds Casey, and the things they do together, incredibly intriguing. What both Casey and Feder have to remember is that cowboys and wild animals need to be free to be happy. Can they find the balance that allows them to be together?


This is I think the most unusual werewolf story I have ever read. Alec is a young gay man. We don't have much physical description about him, but I can imagine him like a nice guy, handsome but not stunning. And he has had a very bad experience one year before with a quad of rogue werewolfes which has left him with scars on the body and in the mind. He fears anything and anyone. So when Liam, the older brother of a child he has known in the library where he works, begins to approach him, Alec reacts badly.To be true Liam is not much of a word, and his sexual approaches are a little rough. But Alec, despite his mind screams abuse, finds his body react to this man.

Liam is a very young (24 years old) and very hansome man. He could have anyone he wants but he has a strange behaviour and most people go away after the first encouter. And now he has a little brother to take care and so it's almost two years that he hasn't met no one. But what he draws him to Alec, is not only sexual need, it's also the calling of his mate. Cause Liam is a werewolf and now he has to protect not only his little brother from the rogue quad, but also his new-found mate. ........